WPEngine Review: {20% OFF Special Offer} March 2017

WPEngine Review – {20% OFF Special Offer March 2017}

Review of: WPEngine Review

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On March 10, 2017
Last modified:March 11, 2017


Definitely one of the best-managed hosting service providers. WP Engine is dedicated to top-notch customer service with stunning features. Their WPEngine Review makes it an affordable deal. Their support interface and up time is mind boggling. Recommended for those who are serious about the performance.

March 2017 WPEngine Review and  Special offers

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I am sure after going through our last review you must be eager to know who’s next on our list, and it is WPEngine. Before I take you on the journey wp engine review, let’s answer few questions. Like, how important is website hosting review crucial for business owners?

Most smart business owners consume great ideas from different websites and blogs to engage with existing clients and reach potential customers.

Next, the question is the importance of selecting that perfect site?

For business owners, the value of creating excellent content comes from the selection of good web host which often takes a back seat.

By using Special Offer, you can get 20% Off the First three months of a Personal, Professional or Business Plan.

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By using Special Offer, you can get 20% Off the First three months of a Personal, Professional or Business Plan..

Special Offer for our readers

Save 20% Off Managed WordPress Hosting with WP Engine. Get this Offer here

What is WP Engine Hosting

WP Engine is one of the most reputed web hosting providers. They have highly customised plans for their customers. Most of the big guns in the market in tech industry opt for WP Engine. They are known for their exclusive plans and awesome customer support.

Come along to take the correct decision – Affordable Scheme Edition

In my experience, most often businesses end up making a wrong choice in the beginning by not evaluating properly about their needs. So, to help you out in making the correct decision and explore the world of websites scroll down your eyes.

We have come across many great websites like TechCrunch, Walt Disney Company, etc. who chose WordPress as their platform. There are many such options available, especially when you have a small or medium-sized WordPress blog.

When I was looking for such blog to write about there, I learned managed WordPress hosting, and I faltered upon WPEngine hosting. The website caters to provide stunning speed, powerful security, and best-in-class customer service. What else do you need? These are few fundamentals that customers are looking for, and WP Engine has them all.

WPEngine Testimonials

When first I used WPEngine it gave me thought that unlike other this is a fully managed website, its makers have given ample time in its creation, and you know what? Affordable Scheme Edition is icing on the cake.

This may also be the reason for you all because this platform is built to deliver Great Word Press experiences.

Who didn’t want to use the most stable, secure and lightning fast managed hosting platform? It is four times faster than the competition having personal development tools and drastically shortened the development cycle.

And also, if you are searching for any hosting site that has proper backup settings then you are at the right place. WP Engine review along with the Affordable Scheme Edition will let you know that they are deploying, updating and also tends to make an easy backup with an affordable activation through their Affordable Scheme Edition.

And also, to bring to your notice that if you are planning to create your website, then wp engine will help build a large website and that too faster.


To be in competition and use latest technologies they thrive amid high-traffic demands, suddenly changing markets, and unforeseen conditions. It holds to create robust and reliable websites with direct SFTP, Git version control, built-in CDN, enhanced security, and one-click staging and restore.

They chose these three methods and had introduced it as technology.

Highly Scalable Architecture

Built on EverCache, their architecture delivers fast, reliable, and scalable sites. Visitors, like we all are very impatient. And if one’s site is slow, will you not take your business elsewhere. Yes, but with WP Engine, I assure you that you will stay there, at least, you’ll have a look at it. Sites run four to six times faster on their unique front-end technology than on another environment.

WPEngine support

Around-the-clock support from highly trained, on-site WordPress experts.

WPEngine Security

Proactive WordPress security keeps your data and your website safe. I don’t think this is something different that WP Engine has chosen. You’ll agree with me as all other websites too have the same feature.

WPEngine Plans

One thing that I liked most was it had segregated its plan section into five tailored plans which are made according to your business requirement

WPEngine Hosting Plans


Just starting a blog? But, you know that it has a potential to move to the next level any time? Just go for their personal plan. More simple but effective. Affordable Scheme Edition can help you to get an amazing deal.

Professional (and there I came across typo error)

This plan is for those who are getting an increment in usual traffic. You can see more, are coming to you. Ready for the next level? Their professional plan will help you to open the door for more traffic and increase your reach. As you are taking to the next level, their focus will be to solve every issue you come across.


Have plenty of satisfied customers? Now delight them with WP Engine’s business plan. I was impressed by the features and support they give to the Business customers. Extend your business win with a brilliant hosting plan which helps you to delight your customers.


The premium as the name suggest is for those who does not need any tiny error and issue, as you have a very delicate business you need to take care of your customers in a similar manner. Premium plan by WP Engine Hosting will help to fix that.

Enterprise Grade

Especially for large organisations, which have massive operations. E-commerce sites are the best example for these packages. Starting off an e-commerce site? You should be prepared with the Enterprise plan as it takes care of the massive chunk of traffic which is coming and doing a lot of transactions.


WP Engine’s enterprise technology can support your most critical websites and ensure they’re reliable, available, and secure. WP Engine delivers enterprise solutions that guarantee success.

Don’t know they have only five pointers arranged in this manner or their website loading is a problem that makes us see only these like,

High Traffic: Leverage our fully-managed CDN and proprietary EverCache tech to keep your site blazing through millions of visits.

High Security: Protection from malware, viruses, DDoS attacks and more with WP Engine advanced threat scanning and mitigation.

Traffic Spikes: Scale dynamically to meet the intense traffic that can come from viral hits, product launches, and media events.

Agency: Let WP Engine’s strength be yours. Build and launch sites quickly and consistently with our powerful development tools.

High Availability: Get uptime you can rely on with custom configurations and dedicated environments designed for high concurrency.

E-Commerce: High uptime, powerful scalability, and dedicated support fuel reliable converting e-commerce sites.

Affordable Scheme Edition: Affordability is the primary need of any user. As we all know WP Engine is comes with a little bit of high price but they have sure you get their awe-inspiring services with a very nominal price using their monthly Affordable Scheme Editions.

Why should you go fo customised plans?

Check out this infographic by us telling why do we need a customised hosting plan. A customised hosting plan is a mix of various hosting benefits according to your website objectives.
wpengine review- why do we need a customized plan

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Why should you consider WEngine?

Check out this infographic which summarizes the reason to go for WP Engine Hosting.

WP Engine Infographic

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Why to Choose WP Engine for WordPress Hosting

By reading these points, you would surely select WP Engine for WordPress hosting:

#1. Uptime Guarantee

If you go through uptime report of WP Engine, you will see constant regular lines. These lines infer the response of WP Engine websites.

There occur no loading time and poor speed problem in these websites. So, we can say that WP engine provides 99.99% uptime guarantee.

Once you have created websites through this company services, you would surely earn massive traffic.

#2. Speed – 

Google want to make this online world a better place by delivering data as accurate as possible in a fraction of seconds.

So the speed your website plays a HUGE role in your ranking… in short – your website’s loading time is crucial.

They have added EverCache technology at the backend for your server that is going to cache your data for the faster serving to search engines. Having SSD server for your online data will make your website load in a fraction of seconds.

They have partnered with a CDN (Content Delivery Network) to ensure your website loads lightning-fast no matter where your visitors are for when you want to activate it on your plan.

Speed is a huge ranking factor, so you are going to get this at free of cost.

WordPress Speed Test

#3. WordPress tools – This Company offers vast tools for management of websites. Most popular are scanning software and backup- restore tools. Other common resources of WP Engine hosting services include

  • Content Delivery Networks
  • SSL Certificates
  • Portal Utilities

#4. Reseller Program – You must have heard of reseller hosting services. WP Engine has now started a special reseller program for marketers.

Both beginner and experienced marketers can participate in this program and make profits. One needs to invest a small referral fee for starting the becoming a reseller partner.
WP Engine hosting

Here comes Pauses

WP Engine provides best-in-class customer service on top of innovation-driven technology. This is something that they chose to write about but now check what I think about this.

WPEngine hosting is for people who don’t want to look into the technical aspects, and simply focus on their business or their blog. Their manner of pricing is overkill for a normal end-user like me, and most likely for you as well but after introducing the Affordable Scheme Edition, it has become super affordable to get their services.

WPEngine is VIP WordPress hosting. It will make you feel like a king. If you are on their website, then you can check that they offer automatic security updates, daily backups, one-click restore points, automatic caching, top-tier security, one-click staging area, and more.

They have different ways of doing things and are a bit limiting. e.g. will not allow certain plugins, like, Broken Link Checker, which is one of the best plugins for WordPress blogs for the purpose of checking broken links. Also, does not offer any root access.

WPEngine Migration – Migrate Your WordPress Site To WP Engine

Migration can be a pain sometimes, but WP Engine has made it super simple to do it. There are two things in migration, first is you should be having the following with you before you migrate.

  • Your Email
  • Destination URL
  • WP Engine SFTP Host
  • WP Engine SFTP Username
  • WP Engine SFTP Password

So, if you have these with you, you are ready to migrate. Follow these simple steps and do it hassle free. Also if your are having difficulty with text steps, there is a video in the end of this section to get you up.

You should be having the plugin ready by now and pass the details which were shared with you on the provided email.  Go to the migration tab on your dashboard and make sure the destination URL is the temporary wpengine link. Complete the details required and press migrate. The plugin will then forward you to a blogvault.net page that will give you real-time updates of your migration.

A simple step, confirm the mail which must have come after completing your migration process. You can visit the URL mentioned in the mail.

After your migration, there are few more minor steps to be followed. You can check out this video for more reference.

WP Engine Special Offer

Here is our special offer that you can use to get on hosting.

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Save your hard earned money by using these exclusive offers. 🙂

Verdict of my WPEngine Review

If you go along reading WPEngine Review, they say “Over 30,000 customers in 120 countries have chosen us for their mission critical WordPress hosting needs. Our customers expect everything; that’s why they choose us.”

No doubt, they provide hassle-free service, but I have not encountered any of their 30,000 customers to know more about the website. Although I would like to say here that Wpengine has its benefits as well as cons. I used it, and it worked pretty well for me

Their support is responsive, and they will work to resolve your problems.

Affordable Scheme Edition comes to rescue all those who need an excellent managed hosting services with a tag of affordability attached. Affordable Scheme Edition, which comes monthly, helps a lot in such cases.

While going through WPEngine, I got a chance to chat with them too, through the chat messages that pops up as soon as you visit their site. This shows how proactive they are.  I found them nice for the most part.

Visit WPEngine Now!

WP Engine hosting

Do share this exclusive WPEngine deal with your friends. Check our Homepage to learn more about what’s latest in WordPress hosting industry. Check our deals section for more web hosting offers.

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Affiliate Disclaimer: Links used in this review are affiliate links. So once you buy any hosting package after clicking on our links, we get the commission.


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