SiteGround Coupon Code October 2016 - 60% Discount

SiteGround Coupon Code October 2016 – 60% OFF

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On March 14, 2016
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SiteGround is an old player which have made their services more reliable than any other hosting companies. They come up with various affordable schemes to make their service available at a lower price. Three major pillars of SiteGround are the Triple S - Speed, Security and Service which makes them look apart.

Been looking for a great but inexpensive option for Manage WordPress hosting? Then you should seriously consider SiteGround hosting. Want something even better?

Save 60% on their hosting plans by click on our SiteGround coupon link above!

SiteGround Coupon: Exclusive 60% Off (+ Review)

There are a lot of different host providers out there today. As that is the case, choosing one can seem like an impossible choice. There seems like so much to take into consideration: What’s the best investment for your money? What if you need to upgrade? Is the customer service up to par?

The list of questions can go on and on.

We’re not here to overwhelm with a large list of questions to add to that checklist. Instead, let’s take a closer look at SiteGround to see what they offer and if they’d be a good match for your needs.

The hosting company which is making a lot of noise in the market is giving something special to the new customers!

Have you heard of Tenko Nikolov? or Reneta Tsankova or Nikolay Todorov, well these are the names behind the one of the sought after hosting company in the world. Yes, they are the magicians behind SiteGround Hosting.

SiteGround made noise around the hosting market with their Hand Craft philosophy. In simple words, they give ultimate attention to custom made solution for their customers which no one in the Industry does.

SiteGround Coupon is icing on the cake which makes it very reasonable to buy. In a competitive environment, every business wants to take an edge over by giving such discount coupons but the catch is you don’t get the quality and value pricing.

But, in the case of SiteGround Coupon, you get value for the price you pay and the top-notch service of their dedicated teams.

Their technical team identifies the problem and start working on it before you contact them. Unbelievable right? It is the truth, now how many of those hosting companies can give you that level of commitment? Well, I have used many hosting companies.

Cutting the chase down, if your customers are not a joke for you, it is same for SiteGround. They make sure you don’t have to fear for your customer experience. For every business, it is vital to have a [positive customer experience. Well, SiteGround is the spot on service to make sure your website is in safe hands.

Introduction – SiteGround

SiteGround is a hosting service provider which specializes in providing hosting for your website. They give service for most of the web platforms like WordPress, Joomla, Magneto, and Others.

They are renowned for their flawless handcrafted solution according to your requirement.

To make their service easily available to everyone they come with SiteGround Coupon frequently, SiteGround Coupon 2015 is their latest opportunity to grab it.

Types of Web Hosting

They provide all the types of hosting which all the other players in the market provide like –

Shared Hosting – Shared hosting is a good deal if your are just starting up or taking your personal blog to the next level. Shared hosting is a well-crafted plan and is divided into three sub-plans which are tailored according to you.

SiteGround Pricing

1- Startup Shared Plan

If you have a decent audience coming to your website, you are just getting started to attract people, this plan is best for you. This will have some amazing features good enough to support you.

2 – GrowBig Shared Plan

If it is the time to take another step, then this plan is for you. Are you ready to take on your rivals with heavy artillery? The rapid growth of visitors? Then GrowBig is the right option for you, access premium features which will take your website to another level.

3- GoGeek

If your website is getting heavy traffic or you have a medium e-commerce website, this hosting plan is best for you. GoGeek has many technical advantages to support your website.

Cloud Hosting Plan

A smooth and fast with a 24*7 VIP Support, if you want things to be done without any glitches, SiteGround Cloud Hosting Plan is made for your website.

They have various options in Cloud based hosting plan and you can also customize as per your needs.

siteground coupon code and pricing Plans

They have options like –
1 – Entry
2 -Business
3- Business Plus
4- Enterprise

The difference lies in your requirements. For example, if you are a mid-size company having a decent traffic we suggest you go for Business Cloud-based plan. All these plans have varied specifications in terms of Disk Space and Speed. You can always get your plan customized as per your requirements.

Dedicated Hosting Plan

If you want an exclusive machine set up just for your website, the dedicated plan will make a good choice for your organization. SiteGround pays a lot of attention in performance and service. If you opt for the dedicated hosting plan they make sure you have a flawless service.

siteground coupon code and dedicated Hosting Plans

siteground dedicated Hosting Plans

They have further divided the Dedicated Plan into 3 categories which are –

1- Entry
2- Power Server
3- Enterprise Server

If you don’t want to compromise with your data handling and performance. You should definitely go for Dedicated Hosting Plan. SiteGround has awesome customer support hardware installed with the latest support system to assist you in every situation.

Reseller Hosting Plan

If you are a web-developer or any other agency which keeps a long-term relationship with your client you should definitely go for Reseller Hosting Plan.
You can sell SiteGround services to your customer at a price you want to. Very reasonable prices offer.

siteground coupon code

4 Reason to go for SiteGround


Their performance is beyond expectation, their well-located data center in three continents makes sure you can have a supersonic transitions and activities for your website. They have experts around the clock to make your work more efficient.


They keep your website away from hackers, they have anti hack system available for their plans to make sure no one is having fun with your website. They are pretty serious about all the possibilities of getting your website hacked hence they do the hack scans and identify threats so that that can be prevented.


Every hosting company says that they have the best support system, but very few are able to fulfill that promise. Attending the call all the time is not support. Your problem should be solved quickly without facing trouble. The SiteGround support team is very intelligent, they track the problem even before you do it.
24*7 support is essential in terms of websites attracting heavy traffic. You can’t make people come again if you can’t offer them great solutions.

4- SiteGround Coupon Code 2016

As you know great service comes with a price. SiteGround helps their customers to access the service at a very reasonable price by letting them use the SiteGround Promo codes. The latest is SiteGround 2015 Coupon which can give you SiteGround service with 70% discounted price.

How to Use SiteGround Coupon

1- Click the SiteGround Coupon Code

You can simply click on the SiteGround Coupon Code above and get the offer activated. You will be able to see the activated offer on their website.

2- Select your Plan

After clicking on the SiteGround Promo Code, you will be given the choice of selecting the plan you need for your website. After you have decided which plan to go for just click the Get Started button.

3- Domain Name

Now choose an existing domain name or buy a new one as per your need. You will have to check on the availability of the domain. People spend about an hour sometimes to find the desired domain because of the availability.


4 – Payment Gateway

Now this is the end step, the payment gateway, where you need to decide he tenure of the service and hence pay for the same to the company. Select the time you need the service and add bank details and simply click pay.

siteground coupon code

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