15 Free Blogging Sites to Build Professional Blogs or Websites

15 Free Blogging Sites to Build Professional Blogs or Websites

Change is always accepted, whether it is in the form of currency or a tendency. So, today I am also going to tell you something different about the website. This time, it’s not about hosting review but a blogging review of websites. We want to cover the best free blogging sites for our readers.

Starting in mid-nineties and ruling in 2016, any idea what is it? It is called blog (a truncation of the expression weblog). Let’s go deep into the making & history of the blog.

Justin Hall, a US freelance journalist, is said to be the first blogger. In 1994, while still in college, he managed to publish his first blog. In 1999, there were just 23 blogs. Today, there are over 1.5 billion blogs on the internet. WordPress.com alone has over 60 million of them. Every half a second, a new blog is created. There are about 31 million bloggers in the US.

Today its effect is so much on the minds that over 75% internet users use blogs, and they prefer buying a product only after they have had read some reviews from different blogs. You can leverage a significant amount of power and money from your blog. But the main question is—which blogging platform should you go for, especially when you have got dozens of options to choose from? We have shortlisted some of the most used free blogging sites.

So, with this review, it will be easy to find out the best blog and remove all the confusions you have in mind.

Free Blogging Sites

15 Free Blogging Sites to Build Professional Blogs or Websites:


To start with the best from the lot is WordPress. When we were in our college the first blogging site that we were introduced to was WordPress. The free blogging site that powers about 20% of all the internet websites and has been downloaded more than 50 Million times.

Unlike other blogging sites, WordPress offers two types of hosting—first is the WordPress.com, which is hosted on WordPress’s servers with a particular set of themes to get started with off.

The second one is WordPress.org. A self-hosted website that can help you customize the site, according to your needs. There are tens of thousands of amazing plugins to transform your site beautifully into an e-commerce website with the help of few plugins and themes. If you want to start a WordPresss site and looking for WordPress Hosting then WPEngine is the best option to host. Read WPEngine Review to proceed further.

Watch Video below to Know what exactly is WPEngine


Next yet one of the best free blogging site, where Google takes on blogging. Requires information only about Gmail/Google account to get started with. Don’t worry it is a safe website where you can share your personal information.

Blogger blogs can be customized with new backgrounds and layouts quickly. The best part about a blogger, and which might be the selling point is that it’s straightforward and easy to use. Google’s AdSense advertising program can help you to pay off for your cup of coffee. Those who love blogging Blogger is their preference.


As the name suggests, it’s the mode to communicate with the masses and say what you feel through your writing.

Twitter founders—Ev Williams and Biz Stone co-founded this free blog site, which is nowadays coming out to be the best blogging site. One of the innovative features it has got is that it allows you to look into other’s articles and edit them. It’s like combining the power of Facebook and blogging platform together. Also, when compared to Twitter, Medium is a side room away from the 140-character shouting and chaos where people try to work over interesting topics in more detail.


If you were the one that always participated in debate competition and elocution, then this is the perfect Blogging site for you. If you’re passionate about a topic but don’t have the time to maintain a blog, submitting questions and answers to Quora discussions is a great compromise. One can start a conversation here. There are many professional and grave discussions also that can help you.

This won’t give you the perfect blogging feel but due to a large user base Quora has got, you can easily get a good amount of traffic from them.


If you want to portray wittiness through your writing, then Tumblr can be the best free blogging site for you. Most of you might be familiar with Tumblr, in particular among the younger generation folks. Tumblr more than any other platform. It integrates well with the social media and blogging.

Unlike medium, users can quickly upload content and photos and even change the theme directly from their mobile apps. Also, they have got an app for almost every platform to increase their reach.


The name isn’t subtle, but you can get subtle blogging experience. It is one of the new players and is on the blogging scene from last year.

The best part about it is the design, not a heavy one but subtle, clean, neat and elegant. It gives you a premium classy-feeling when you move around the theme. Using it is like using a to-do-list app or something, you can easily jot down your ideas, form the content and publish it.

Facebook Notes

Not to surprise that Facebook has stepped into the blogging platform with the help of Facebook notes. Giving you the proper blogging site feels where you can write, upload images or videos.

It is only advised that you go for this platform only if you have a good fan-following, without it, it might prove as in vain. Other than that, it gets more than 1 Billion hits per month. You can drive a frigging good number of traffic from Facebook.


The name has been recently added to the blogging list, courtesy of Evernote’s community of third-party apps and services.

Like Evernote, this free blogging website acts as an add-on and allows you to write posts from the app. Along with that, it supports custom domains, is well-integrated with the commenting system. It also gives you a set of themes to choose from but allows quite a limited customization.

Google +

It acts as a competitor to Facebook and Twitter but accomplishes itself as more than a social media platform.

The best blogging platform where niche bloggers share their objective and thoughts about the latest trend. This blogging site generates massive traffic too (so no money issue). So why not leverage that?


Be ready to share memories on your pad. It’s been in for about 12 years, started in 2003. It is used by some of the top bloggers like that of Seth Godin.

It isn’t as powerful as WordPress but still offers a variety of features and where you can store unlimited data and free customer service.

Compared to all other services, TypePad is relatively easy to use, and you rarely found any queries or questions popping up into your mind.


Open to all users who can choose to set up a primary blog quickly or download the Ghost software and install it on their web server. Ghost is the only one which was crowdfunded in Kickstarter and brings a new & fresh look to the face of blogging. Don’t be afraid of this blogging site instead, download and enjoy the feel of it


Get…Set…Go… We all have heard about this set but are we familiar with SETT. Just like Medium and Sbvtle, SETT is a community-focused blogging platform. It claims that will help you get 98% more comments than before and help you increase engagement with your readers.

The primary objective of this site is raising engagement. And for that, it allows room for the bloggers to decide on an individual topic. It’s still in its early days and needs lots of essential features are still yet to come.


A good option for those who loved Posterous and are ready to invest in their blogging. Coming from the team which had developed Posterous, which got acquired by Twitter and finally got shut down by Twitter.

Later on resulted into Posthaven, which is the same light-weight blogging site like of Posterous. You can quickly post content with multimedia like images and videos. It is declared that this won’t go down like Posterous, which has many glitches.


The perfect example of the blogging platform to be used by the business users. With the help of Squarespace, blogging site, you can even build an e-commerce website, thanks to its wide variety of features available.

It has lots of amazing features which includes full support and cloud-based hosting, that are exclusively required for any business work. But, mind that I would advise you to use this blogging platform, only if you are running some business.


The best mean to communicate professionally is here to help you out with blogging. Just like Facebook, even LinkedIn offers you the ability to blog. The feature was launched way back in 2012 when it was only an invite-based and many top leaders like Barack Obama signed in.

LinkedIn blogs were initially for ‘influencers’ on an invite-only basis. However, that requirement was dropped in February 2014, which means that anyone can blog on LinkedIn. I believe that LinkedIn’s foray into publishing platforms is exciting.

But in 2014, they opened the platform for all of its users. Now anyone can create a blog on LinkedIn easily. Just like Facebook, it hasn’t got much of customization options, but if you have a good number of connections, you can drive a good amount of traffic to your blog.

Blogging has become a piece of cake for everyone and with these 15 Free Blogging Sites, you can get anything you desire to. So, go ahead start right now!

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